fxbox Production Release

We are pleased to announce the initial production release fxbox, our upcoming module. The firmware for fxbox can run on bitbox, so all our existing customers can try out the new functionality now. The fxbox module will be available in March from your favorite retailer. fxbox feature set 16 built in clock aware effects, including the following: […]

Introducing CarSynth

1010music proudly presents the world’s most powerful synthesizer: 285 Horsepower. More than 2 metric tons. 12 speakers. Seats 7. CarSynth is a wacky project meant to explore what it means to synthesize music and sound effects using a full sized automobile as the controller, power source, and sound system. The CarSynth module plugs into the cars OBD […]

How-to Videos and Documents Now Available

Want to see bitbox in action?  Are you ready to learn more about how to use your bitbox? You can find two videos and the Quick Start Guide on our Support page.  The first video demonstrates recording with bitbox, and the second demonstrates looping basics. Is there a video you would like to see? Let us […]