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What People Are Saying

  • "I currently use two 1010 Music BitBoxes in my current live setup. I have centered my entire new live show around them. They are incredibly solid and have opened a new world of possibilities, in terms of what I can do now in my live shows. I would never leave home without them."

    - Richard Devine - Electronic Musician and Sound Designer
  • "Superb unit. I have been at it all day with the Black Box. It is a great complement to my live system."

    - Kelly Brown - Electronic Music Artist
  • "GOOD LORD. This thing is absolutely insane. I love all the harmonics I'm getting, sometimes pleasantly strange and oftentimes wildly musical. I'm also really loving all the rhythmic possibilities and being able to tune the different wave slices. Consider me a huge fan of Waverazor!"

    - Anthony Baldino - Composer and Sound Designer
  • "If you’re into generative soundscapes or polyrhythmic sequencing, Blackbox is a dream come true."

    - Loopopmusic.com - Electronic Music Gear Review Publication