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System Unknown shows the bluebox in action.

From collaboration to the studio to live performance, bluebox is there for you.

What People Are Saying

  • Blackbox works perfectly for backing tracks on gigs. I love how discrete it is compared to a laptop.

    Miles Spilsbury The Physics House Band (UK)
  • Once in a while dreams do come true. This conveniently small performance mixer, with recording and playback functionality, is gonna live in the corner of many of my performances to come. 12 track mixers are usually 10 times the size. Way to go 1010!

    - Cuckoo - Electronic Musician - bluebox user
  • I currently use two 1010music bitboxes in my current live setup. They are incredibly solid and have opened a new world of possibilities, in terms of what I can do now in my live shows.

    - Richard Devine - Electronic Musician and Sound Designer
  • Superb unit. I have been at it all day with the Black Box. It is a great complement to my live system.

    - Kelly Brown - Electronic Music Artist
  • If you’re into generative soundscapes or polyrhythmic sequencing, Blackbox is a dream come true.

    - Loopopmusic.com - Electronic Music Gear Review Publication
  • The 1010music Blackbox is a comprehensively tricked-out, all-in-one sampling beast.

    - Music Radar - The No. 1 Website for Musicians
  • [Bluebox] has totally replaced my bulky mixer with a smaller footprint, more intuitive interface and immediate recording capabilities.

    - Loopopmusic.com - Electronic Music Gear Review Publication
  • Blackbox is the "Best Mid-Range" Audio Sampler

    - Ezvid Wiki - The World's Video WIKI