Quick Start Guide

The Bluebox 1.0 Quick Start Guide provides a brief of overview of the features of bluebox to get you playing right away.

User Manual

The Bluebox User Manual 1.1.2 includes a comprehensive description of all of the control modes and options in the product. It also has a quick reference for common tasks that covers more than the Quick Start Guide.

This copy of the Bluebox User Manual with Change Highlights makes it easier for people who are upgrading to identify what is new in version 1.1.2.


Bluebox owners can update the module’s firmware to get the latest features and bug fixes.   You can find the download links and instructions on how to install firmware on our forum.  You must be a registered member of the forum in order to download firmware.


Check our bluebox playlist on YouTube for the latest how to videos.

More Help

Still can’t find the answer to your question? Please check out the 1010music Forum to get help from other users as well as 1010music staff.  You can also reach out to us through the contact us page.