Tokyo Festival of Modular

We’re excited to be visiting Japan in November to introduce 1010music to Asia. Please come say hello if you are in the area.

Loop 2017

We’ll be demoing our products in the gear lounge and the jam rooms at Loop in Berlin. We hope to see you there.

Synth Meet

We’ll be part of Synth Meet in San Francisco, hosted by ROBOTSPEAk. See you there.

Eurorack Mini-Event at Three Wave Music

Aaron is going to be at the Eurorack Mini Event at Three Wave Music in Hawthorne, NJ on Monday evening, Oct. 16. Please stop by and visit if you were not able to get to Machines in Music over the weekend. This event is also Free!

Machines in Music

We’ll be showing our new products in Brooklyn, New York and look forward to seeing you there.


We’ll be showing our now product, toolbox, at Synthfest in the UK. See you there.

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Synthbox Press Release



1010music LLC

1010music LLC Delivers synthbox – The Touch Screen, Polyphonic, Wavetable Synth for Eurorack

Schaumburg, IL, September 11, 2017  – New for knobcon 2017 (, 1010music LLC  ( announced the availability of synthbox. This new polyphonic Eurorack module lets anyone simply connect a MIDI controller and start jamming immediately with 50 jaw-dropping sound presets. Then for the ultimate in tonal tweakability, the built-in touchscreen provides total control for choosing and shaping waveforms, adjusting envelopes, adding modulation, applying filters, effects and composing with step sequencers. In addition, hard-wired CV inputs and external clock or MIDI sync allow easy interfacing with other Eurorack modules.

With an expandable library of 100 wavetables, high-quality 24-bit audio path, and versatile control – synthbox will feed hours of synthetic, sonic satisfaction.


  • MIDI controllable with support for velocity, pitch bend, and modulation wheel
  • CV controllable with pitch, gate, and 3 assignable modulators per voice
  • 24 bit DACs and internal processing
  • 8 wavetable oscillators, 2 per voice
  • 4 waveform oscillators, 1 per voice
  • 2 envelopes, 2 LFOS, and a step sequencer per voice
  • Dual biquad resonant filters (configurable as HP or LP)
  • Global flanger, distortion, and stereo delay effects
  • Semi-modular control
  • Stereo or individual voice outputs
  • 100 wavetables
  • 50 presets
  • User wavetables via WAV files and a microSD card
  • 26 HP Eurorack compatible. +12V: 350mA, -12V: 0mA, 5V: 0mA

See and hear more about synthbox in this video ( New units can be purchased for $599.95 directly from 1010music or through a fine network of dealers that you can find at 1010music.comsynthbox is also available as a free firmware upgrade for bitbox and fxbox owners using microSD card and downloads available to registered forum users at For user or dealer inquiries please contact and for review and press inquiries, please contact  A high resolution image is available for download.

About 1010music LLC

1010music LLC is a new company providing innovative digital music solutions. Most recently known for bitbox, the first touch screen, 24 bit recorder/player/looping module for eurorack and fxbox. Some of their past work includes Traktor DJ by Native Instruments, which earned Apple’s App of the Year in 2013; Looptastic which was a top 10 selling app for 2010; and MixMeister, which is now part of inMusic. 1010music LLC looks forward to pushing the boundaries of music creation wherever and whenever possible.

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Switched on Box

If you own a bitbox you can convert it to an fxbox or a synthbox, and vice versa. When you buy one of 1010music’s Series 1 Modules you get access to the firmware for all the modules in the Series.  Each Series 1 Module can run one set of firmware at a time, and can easily be converted to new firmware using the microSD card and downloads from  Simply sign up for the forum, download the new firmware, and follow the instructions on the forum to convert or upgrade your module.


 When you buy a bitbox sampler today you can switch to the synthbox synthesizer tomorrow and the fxbox effects module next week.


This also means that you can download new firmware to get the latest features for your module as they come out. For free.


  • bitbox
  • fxbox
  • synthbox


Share your thoughts and read what others have to say about product switching on


Go to knobcon in the greater Chicago area and see demonstrations of 1010music’s current lineup of products and future products in development. The event will also have workshops, music performances and other vendors so you can see lots of gear in action. Learn more at