Bitbox Beta Version

1010music is proud to make available to our customers the new Bitbox features that we will be demonstrating at NAMM. This update should be considered beta software that requires further testing and validation before becoming an official release. If for some reason, you want to switch back to the production version, you can easily download and install it below.

Bitbox version 1.1.0 introduces the following features:

  • Scrolling waveforms on the clip screen
  • Slice mode, which allows you to play sounds one slice or section at a time
    • Scan mode will automatically detect slices
    • You can manually add or delete slices using the waveform
    • You can determine which slice to play via several methods:
      • Using the slice knob (which replaces the start parameter).
      • Live slice selection with 1V/Octave modulation input. A change on this input jumps to the new slice immediately.
      • Next slice selection with 1V/Octave modulation input. This input determines which slice to play the next time the incoming trigger happens.
      • Advance the slice position forward/backwards using a gate signal on a modulation input
  • Time shifting using a new Slice option
  • Pitch modulation via 1V/Octave control
  • Easier navigation between the sample and load screens
  • Various bug fixes

To install new firmware onto your Bitbox, please do the following:

  1. Copy the desired firmware onto a microSD card. Unpack the ZIP file if necessary
  2. Rename the file as MATRIX.BIN (On some systems extensions are hidden, so you can skip the .BIN)
  3. Insert the microSD card into your Bitbox
  4. While powering up the unit, hold the Home and Info buttons. When you see the message about upgrading the firmware, you can let go.
  5. When the upgrade finishes in about 15 seconds, the unit will restart with the new software
  6. You can check what version you are running on the top level screen by pressing home as many times as is necessary.

To use the new slice mode, do the following:

  • On the main screen, select a sample and press the info button
  • On the new sample screen, press the Slice button
  • On the popup toolbar, press the Scan button
  • Wait about 5-10 seconds for the scanning to complete
  • Adjust the slices as needed using the Split/Join buttons
  • Press the Atomic button to activate the single slice playback mode
    • Once in this mode, triggering the sample will only play a single slice
    • The Start parameter will determine the active slice. The length parameter has no effect in this mode.
  • To adjust which slice will play, go back to the main screen and select an available modulation cell (one of the dark gray cells on the right side)
  • Press the Info button to reach the modulation screen.
  • Specify the cell you configured in step 1 as the modulation destination
  • Choose the slice selection mode you desire
    • Slice Sel – Determines the currently playing slice using 1V/Octave sensing of semitone input. Use this input if the gate and pitch will be updated at the same time
    • Slice Next – Determines the slice that will play the next time the sample gate begins
    • Slice Inc / Dec – Advances the slice position for the next time the sample gate begins
We look forward to your feedback, comments, suggestions and bug reports. We are keeping a careful eye on the performance of the unit. Now that it is also showing waveforms, we want to make sure it performs just as much as it did before. Please let us know if you see otherwise as there are various ways to address it.
Thank you for your support,
The 1010music team.


Bitbox Factory Firmware Version 1.0.3


Bitbox Updated Firmware Version 1.1.0