Bitbox Firmware 1.2

We are pleased to make version 1.2 available to you. This is a release candidate, meaning we are gearing up to burn it onto new devices coming from our factory. We would love to get your feedback on this new version.

Bitbox 1.2 new features

  • Support of folders on the microSD card when reading WAV files
  • Record monitoring options that let you hear the incoming audio or not, plus an automatic setting to switch it off upon finishing a recording.
  • All the new features in version 1.1
  • Lots of bug fixes.

To install new firmware onto your Bitbox, please do the following:

  1. Copy the desired firmware onto a microSD card. Unpack the ZIP file if necessary
  2. Rename the file as MATRIX.BIN (On some systems extensions are hidden, so you can skip the .BIN)
  3. Insert the microSD card into your Bitbox
  4. While powering up the unit, hold the Home and Info buttons. When you see the message about upgrading the firmware, you can let go.
  5. When the upgrade finishes in about 15 seconds, the unit will restart with the new software
  6. You can check what version you are running on the top level screen by pressing home as many times as is necessary.

Bitbox Firmware 1.2.1

Thanks for your support.

The 1010music Team