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Where should you go to get answers to your questions?

Start with the User Manual

Click on the product name in the list on the left to find the written documentation and videos about each product.

Check the Forum

There is an active community of users in our product specific forums.  Someone may have already asked your question and gotten an answer out there. If not, you can post it yourself.  Our support team monitors the forums to answer questions that don’t get addressed by the community. The forum is also the place to download firmware. The forum is also the first place we look when harvesting ideas for new product features.  You can post your great feature enhancement ideas on the product specific wish list pages.

Social Media

If you want to stay in touch for the latest news about our products, follow us on social media by clicking the facebook, Youtube and Instagram links at the top and bottom of our website. Blackbox users also can join the 1010 Blackbox User Group on facebook.  Keep in mind that this facebook group is moderated by users and not an official company group.

Get in Touch via Email

If you want to get in touch more directly, use the Contact Us page and our support team will get back to you or pass your email along to the correct person.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]