Can I play long samples with blackbox?

Yes. Blackbox uses streaming to play sounds directly from the micro SD card. This approach lets play samples minutes to hours in length. The maximum supported WAV file size is 4GB, which is a few hours depending on the format. You can play up to 6 long samples at the same time. You can combine long and short samples to reach the overall polyphony of about 16 notes.

What is the polyphony of blackbox?

Each blackbox pad can play up to 4 samples depending on the mode:

  • Sample: 4 notes
  • Clip: 2 notes
  • Slicer: 2 notes
  • Granular: 1 note

Of course, there are 16 pads for a theoretical maximum of 64 notes. In practice, you can usually get 16 notes across all pads.