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1010music at Superbooth 17

We had a fantastic time in Berlin at Superbooth 17. The event was held at the children’s science museum, which made for many interesting displays with rocket ships and space stations. It was the biggest event of its kind in the world and it was exciting to see all the new developments in synthesizers and modular.


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fxbox User Manual Available for Download

Are you ready to learn how to use all of the features of fxbox?  Then we have the document for you! The fxbox User Manual is now available for download on our support page.  Check it out and learn how to restore factory presets, trigger an effect via MIDI input,  modulate effect parameters via external inputs and more.  Become an expert fxbox user and download the user manual today!

If you would rather see fxbox in action, check out the fxbox Demo Video also on our support pages.